Electronic Article Surveillance EAS

Electronic Article Surveillance EAS

Getting the right electronic article surveillance, EAS, system in place is absolutely essential to thwarting would be shoplifters. Gemini specialise in integrating EAS systems into your store seamlessly allowing for ease of use in the day to day running, utilising existing CCTV for maximum effectiveness. For a fully integrated EAS our free retail security consultation allows us to create a bespoke security system around you.


EAS Benefits

Openly merchandise you stock without being forced to discontinue aisle merchandising or lock easily concealable high value goods in cabinets.

Our systems are stylish and functional, some even offer the ability to insert add panels allowing you to promote your store. But to the would be thief a EAS system is clear statement that theft will not be tolerated and a deterrent that stops potential attacks on your store. By reducing attacks it removes the danger of having to approach shoplifters making for a safer environment for staff and shoppers.

Using industry standard figures we can see the true cost of shoplifting.


Example: Annual Revenue of Independent Business Retailer£400,000
Average Shrink1.24%
Total Shrink£4,960
Percentage due to Shoplifting51%
Total Shrink due to Shoplifting£2,529
Shrink Reduction with EAS installed60%
Positive Cash Flow (Revenue Saved)£1,517
Revenue Saved (Per Month)£126
EAS Investment£1,500
Return on Investment (ROI)12 Months


The figures also highlight just how quickly a system can effectively pay for its self, in this case study just 12 months.

Theft robs your business of time and productivity. From time spent purchasing and merchandising goods to the time it can take to deal with a potential attempted theft.


Theft has so much more hidden costs than the obvious impact of a stolen item

It leaves you unable to merchandise freely, making your store less competitive as you increase margins to cover costs incurred through theft. All these problems are compounded as national statics show a 6.2% increase in retail shrinkage 2010-11 in the UK and 8.3% in Ireland (www.globalretailtheftbarometer.com)

Installing an Electronic Article Surveillance system combined with staff training is the most cost effective way to stem the losses, increase profit margins and protect your business. Gemini Retail Security are experts in this field, specialising in electronic article surveillance EAS RF and AM technologies and can advise what is best for your business.